TABS Game for Nintendo Switch

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As a beloved physics-based tactics game, TABS on Nintendo Switch offers unique gameplay mechanics and remarkable improvements over its PC counterparts. Equipped with an intuitive touch screen game control designed for the Switch, it creates an engaging gaming experience that attracts both novice and hardcore gamers.


With the integration of the joy-con controllers, the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for Switch offers refined controls that greatly improve the gaming experience. The game increases your strategic options with a variety of units and maps, each one offering different challenges and introducing new gameplay elements that keep things exciting.

Steps to Download, Install and Enjoy Switch TABS

While we can't mention specific platforms, due to provided instructions, there are several digital avenues where you can get your hands on the TABS on Nintendo Switch game. Go to our website to download the game. The file size isn't massive, so don't worry if your internet speeds aren't blazing fast.

Installing the Game

The installation for the TABS game on Nintendo Switch is automatic after download. The process should take no more than a few minutes. Once the installation is completed, start the game from your home screen.

How to Play TABS on Your Nintendo Switch

The main menu of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Nintendo Switch offers access to Campaign, Sandbox, and multiplayer mode - providing a multitude of gameplay experiences.

Campaign Sandbox Multiplayer
This mode offers preset battles where you have to work with a limited budget to choose your team for the battle against the enemy army. This mode grants you limitless resources and allows you to set up your custom battles against an AI-controlled enemy army. Play against others online to test your strategic skills. Both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are available.

Controlling Units

Unit control in TABS on Nintendo is highly intuitive and a major aspect of its immersive gameplay. You select units using the Switch's touchscreen or thumbstick, and then you direct movement and attacks using the other controls on your Joy-Con.

Exploring Maps

For the TABS Switch game, each map brings with it its own challenges and advantages. Learning to master the terrain is as important as mastering your units' skills and abilities.

The fun of TABS certainly translates beautifully onto the Switch, making for a highly enjoyable and strategic experience on the go or at home.

Download TABS for Windows PC for Free