Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in VR: Experience the Thrill

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in VR: Experience the Thrill

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Over the past few decades, the videogame industry has made significant strides in technological advancements. One genre that has particularly benefitted from this is the battle simulator category. Taking a look at the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in VR, it is clear that this game has been elevated to a whole new level of dynamism and realism.

Upgrades in Gameplay

Compared to the previous games in the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator series, the major change this time around is the introduction of the VR component. It allows players to step into the battlefield in a more literal sense. This unique feature brings about a striking transformation in gameplay dynamics and is a source of joy for those seeking a fresh experience in battle simulators.

Experience TABS in VR

When you are playing TABS in VR, you are bound to witness a number of key improvements too. Unlike previous versions, where players watched the simulation from a third-party perspective, VR allows a more direct engagement with the game. This direct interaction surely amplifies the fun and sense of achievement when your planned strategies pan out successfully.

Sound and Level Design

  • Sound

    One thing that stands out in this TABS game is the sound design. Each clank, rustle and roar manages to make the game quite engaging. The 3D circuital sound used in VR gives you an immersive experience, making you feel like you're on a real battlefield.

  • Level Design

    As for the level design, the devs surely did not hold back! Every level is meticulously crafted to offer challenges that keep players engaged. This level of attention to detail not only enhances the overall game experience, it also sets a high standard within the genre.


The game’s graphics deserve a special mention as well. Offering realistic physics-based animations and spectacularly fun ragdoll effects, the graphics alone have proven to be a huge selling point. Add this to the VR element and it's a winning combination that sets new benchmarks in the gaming industry.

How to Access the Game

Finally, for those who are eager to jump into the battle now, they might be interested in the TABS for VR download. This game is easily available for download from various trusted platforms. Gamers can easily get their hands on it and start their VR battles right away.