New Update | Changes & Fixes

New Update | Changes & Fixes

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Attention, TABS players! The next patch is right around the corner, and it brings a plethora of improvements, focusing on performance enhancements and bug fixes. Here's what you can expect:

  • Say goodbye to long loading times! The upcoming patch introduces optimized loading processes, ensuring a smoother and faster gameplay experience.
  • Improved frame rates will make battles even more visually stunning and fluid. Witness the chaos unfold in crisp, high-quality graphics as you command your armies to victory.
  • The patch addresses various bug fixes, including resolving issues related to unit pathfinding and collision detection. Prepare for more accurate and realistic combat interactions.
  • Stability enhancements have been made to minimize crashes and improve overall game performance. Enjoy a more seamless gaming experience with fewer interruptions.
  • Quality of life improvements, such as streamlined menus and better tooltips, will enhance your overall gameplay experience. Spend less time navigating and more time strategizing.

Don't miss out on these crucial updates that will elevate your TABS experience to new heights. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of intense battles and strategic conquests!